Third Annual STEM Fair

Our Middle School X-STEM Ambassadors hosted their Third Annual STEM Fair for the student body. In addition to traditional STEM activities, our Ambassadors added some new ones:  Catapult Mini-Marshmallow Challenge, Slime II for Middle School, Chromatography Butterflies, and Sphero Coding. It was an exciting afternoon of STEM activities culminating with a school-wide game of Math Madness.

Taking the lead from the hosts of the U.S. Science and Engineering Festival who created X-STEM, or Extreme STEM, our Blessed Sacrament School X-STEM Ambassador program was created by Technology Coordinator TJ Chipres. The program’s goal is simple – to expose students to STEM leadership opportunities.  Each year, the group creates a mission statement and goals. This year our X-STEM Ambassadors are focused on spreading STEM awareness and excitement in our Blessed Sacrament community through interactive problem-solving with the help of STEM experts.

Thanks to our hardworking X-STEM Ambassadors for planning our STEM Fair: William Conaton, Sara Fenimore, Jack Garlock, JD Hodges, Owen Hull, Samantha Johnson, Tyler Kaczmarek, Mia Passantino, Sarah Payne, Ana Roldan, Lorelei Skowronek, Kurt Voelker, and Maddie Wojciak.


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