Celebration of the Renaissance Transforms BSS

Our BSS World Languages Department celebrates Renaissance Day, a school tradition for over 30-years! For our sixth graders, their study of Spanish and French Renaissance history culminates with Renaissance Festival. Students have worked for the past few months researching the life of a Renaissance noble, presenting a poster on their life and royal lineage, and creating a personal code of arms. Assuming the role of their noble while dressed in full costume, students recreate a formal Renaissance banquet. The program is complete with the royal introduction of the French and Spanish courts, procession of flags, and luncheon feast served by our seventh grade World Languages students. All conversation during the Festival is encouraged to be kept in the native language of their noble.

Adding to the excitement, our eighth graders treated the student body to Romeo and Juliet, a repeat of their performance from the Diocesan Shakespeare Festival, and various hands-on stations exhibiting the culture of Shakespearean times. Students were given acting lessons, taught stage-combat moves, and explained the multi-leveled plot of a Shakespeare play. Special thanks to our World Languages and Middle School teachers; parents; and hardworking students who brought the Renaissance to life at BSS!

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