Celebrating Our World Languages

Several of our BSS World Languages classes celebrated the art, history, and cuisine of the Spanish and French cultures. Practicing their Spanish and French conversation skills, the 8th Grade class enjoyed the the world languages luncheon at Alexandria restaurants Urbano 116 and Brabo, ordering their lunch and conversing in only Spanish or French during their meal. Our 5th and 6th Grade students toured the National Gallery of Art as a part of their World Languages curriculum.

In preparation for their study of famous French and Spanish artists and history, 5th Graders were given a guided tour of several works of art by these artists. Sixth Grade students reviewed Renaissance artwork for a background in Renaissance history that culminates with the BSS Renaissance Festival this Spring. Special thanks to French Teacher Anne-Elisabeth MacKnight and Spanish Teacher Bertha Salmoran for organizing these academic enrichment opportunities for their students.

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