BSS Learns How to “Save the Bay”

To “Save the Bay” is the mission of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. One important way CBF does that is providing educational programs and resource materials to schools from around the Bay’s watershed, which comprises six states and DC. CBF’s education programs challenge us to “Learn Outside.” Each year, our BSS 8th Graders to do just that — learn outside at the Philip Merrill Center in Annapolis, Maryland. Students spend time in and near the water in hands-on learning activities. From CBF educators they learn firsthand about biodiversity; indicators of the health of the Bay; how choices in building design and materials also affect the Bay; and how their own actions in Alexandria connect to the health of the Bay. 

Our students enjoyed a day of outdoor activities including seining and canoeing. But time on the beach, experiencing eagle and heron fly-by’s, the Clivus Multrum composting toilets, and learning about the invaluable role marshes play, was a powerful firsthand learning experience. Special thanks to Mrs. R, BSS middle school science teacher, for organizing this enriching day of learning outside to explain how we each play an important role in helping to “Save the Bay.”


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