Auction 2021

The silent auction excitement continues with the announcement of our Swag Bags!  This year we are calling the swag bags “King Cakes”.  There are 100 King Cake Swag Bags for purchase and 3 have hidden baby figurines!  If you find a baby figurine in your King Cake Swag Bag, you win a Libations Basket with plenty of treats to enjoy the night of the auction.

The King Cake swag bags can be purchased on the auction website along with the New Orleans style dinner boxes and BSS Hurricane glasses. There is a limited supply of Swag Bags and Hurricane Glasses so get yours before they are gone!  Visit: to join the fun today and mark your calendars for Feb 13th at 7pm for the auction!

                                    Can’t wait to masquerade (MASK-er-ade) our way into 2021 with you!


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