BSS Covid Mitigation Plan for the SY 2021-2022

Blessed Sacrament School is following a layered and flexible approach to Covid mitigation this school year. Each week on Friday, staff check the current transmission levels in Alexandria City using the Alexandria COVID-19 Dashboard ( The transmission levels then determine which set of mitigation strategies students and staff will practice the following week (see grid below).
For example, when the transmission levels are “low,” students and staff will operate with few mitigation strategies, very similar to what school looked like before the pandemic. As transmission levels increase, more layers are added to the mitigation strategies used by students and staff, until all layers of the mitigation strategies are used during “high transmission” or “red level.”
The mitigation strategy level is shared with parents, faculty, and staff every Friday via e-mail, phone call, and text message.
While we cannot guarantee no transmission if there is a positive case in the school, these mitigation strategies will greatly reduce the chance of transmission while allowing for a flexible approach as local transmission levels fluctuate.

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