Student Council

The Blessed Sacrament Student Council gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In Kindergarten through Grade 8, teachers conduct elections for class representatives. Two representatives are elected for each class in Kindergarten through Grade 5, typically one boy and one girl.  In middle school, one representative is elected for each class.

Middle school students with a minimum academic average of 85 are eligible to run for a one-year term as Student Council officers

  • 6th Grade Officers: Chaplain, Commissioner of Environment and Safety
  • 7th Grade Officers:  Secretary, Treasurer
  • 8th Grade Officers:  President, Vice President

Our intention is for Student Council Officers and Representatives to be the voice of the the entire student body to promote school spirit and community welfare. Elections are run in September. Each month, our Student Council sponsors Dress Down Days for Charity with proceeds benefiting local and national charities.

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