Summer Assignments

Below are the summer assignments that are due on the August 23, 2021.  If you have any questions about the assignments, please contact your teacher by email.  A complete list of teacher email addresses can be found on this page:  If you have any difficulty accessing or downloading these assignments, please contact Mrs. TJ Chipres by email (

Grade School:

Rising 1st grade summer assignments (updated 6/11/2021)

Rising 2nd grade summer assignments (updated 6/11/2021)

Rising 3rd grade summer assignment (updated 6/16/2021)

Rising 4th grade summer assignments (updated 6/22/2021)

Rising 5th grade summer assignment (updated 6/16/2021)

  Middle School:

Rising 6th Grade Summer Assignments (updated 6/16/2021)

Rising 7th Grade Summer Assignments (updated 6/16/2021)
Science-Rising 7th-book pages             (updated 6/22/2021)

Rising 8th Grade Summer Assignments (updated 6/22/2021)
Science-Rising 8th-book pages             (updated 6/22/2021)
English-Rising 8th Grade Summer Assignments

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