Annual Fund

2020-21 Annual Fund

Each year, the Blessed Sacrament School Annual Fund plays a vital role in helping to support the immediate needs of our school. Primarily, the gap between what is paid in tuition and the true cost of educating a student. We so are thankful for the many gifts our parents, parishioners, alumni, and friends of BSS generously share with us through prayer, involvement and financial giving to our Annual Fund.  We are truly a “community of caring”! 

Last year, through the support and generosity of parents, faculty, staff, and friends of BSS, a net total of $69,148.83 was raised for our school. The Annual Fund revenues have provided the extras that are not afforded by tuition alone.  There is a gap of over $2,000 per student, per year, between the true cost of educating a student and the actual tuition cost. The Annual Fund money is used to subsidize the school’s operating budget and helps fill that gap.  In addition, the funds support teacher professional development, provide tuition assistance, and help to fund technology advancements.

Last year’s Annual Fund was put to good use:

  • $28,000 was donated to the school’s operating budget to help keep tuition affordable.      
  • $19,860.60 helped to fund our Professional Development Grant Program.  It was used to assist teachers in graduate level coursework at Northern Virginia Community College, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Marymount University, as well as professional development conferences such as the Annual Children Together Conference, the faculty/staff retreat at San Damiano Retreat Center, the VA Counseling Association Convention and training via the Heinemann Group to enhance Guided Reading Group Instruction.  This PD greatly enriches the student experience by refreshing teachers with knowledge of current research-based instructional information.
  • $22,000 was used to assist families who qualified for financial assistance.  In this time of continued economic uncertainty, we have families who cannot afford the full cost of tuition. We have families who have sustained job losses, major medical expenses, and family tragedies.  It is our sincere hope that no family must make the difficult decision to withdraw a student from Blessed Sacrament due to financial hardships.
  • Additional funds were used for continued security and technology upgrades.

Our 2020-2021 Annual Fund drive is currently underway! Once again, the goal of the Annual Fund is 100% participation from the BSS community through a gift of financial support, a gift of prayer, or both!

This year the Annual Fund Drive will assist us with the many unexpected costs related to the current COVID19 crisis. Now more than ever before we are asing for Blessed Sacrament School to come together as a united community to show our strong support of our amazing children and to live out our school mission: “To create an educated community to serve Christ and one another with integrity and respect.”

If you would like to support our school, please return your intention card from the Annual Fund Form to the School Office with your gift of prayer, donation or contribution or donate here via Faith Direct at Thank you for your support of Catholic education and Blessed Sacrament School as we continue our commitment “to create an educated community to serve Christ and one another with integrity and respect.”

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